We're Uruguay based electronics & comunication company.

In 1994 TECNIMAR LTDA. began to work focusing mainly to represent, sale and technical support of electronic marine equipment as well as industrial electronics and communications. During these years we have earned the confidence of the most important fishing companies being our customers in exclusive, all the tug ´s companies, the port state company A.N.P. and electronic areas of the Navy. TECNIMAR LTDA expects to be the main equipment and satellite communications provider, voice and data, security equipment for ships according to GMDSS rules and security system installations. We are specialized in auto pilots, gyro compass, radars, fishing and navigation echo sounders and all about Hardware and software focused to marine use.
TECNIMAR LTDA. has the pride of being "Point of Service Activation" in Uruguay by INMARSAT (P.S.A. Nº 3100 ).

Main Products

TECNIMAR LTDA. has in stock the most used units and spare parts. Satellite communications (voice and data), VMS systems (tracking position), Auto Pilots, EPIRBS, TRASPONDER, SOS Handys, Radars, Plotters, Navigation software integrating some bridge units like radar, echo sounder, GPS, gyro compass and seabed classification equipment. We can have the following information through satellite communication equipment: weather information, ocean color, plankton color, water column height and sub-superficial color to 50 and 150 meters. Tecnimar also has radars, echo sounders, PLOTTERS, GPS, VHF, HF, antennas and a big stock of spare parts.